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Recently Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International has been named the most efficient airport in the world. Thinking of all the traffic it’s getting and the size that it is I can’t help but wander how do they do that? I mean, I feel like there isn’t a moment that I look up and don’t see a plane in the sky, and on the tarmac planes are standing in a row for takeoff, talk about a busy place. They must have a lot of employees to handle 90 million passengers a year!

Well, you are about to be surprised. Other airports that handle less traffic then us, like the one in Frankfurt, Germany has 13,000 employees to handle 60 million passengers a year, pretty big company right? Atlanta does more with less than 1000 employees on its payroll. Sound crazy? well it’s all in the why its set up, first of all there are about 50,000 employees on the ground every day, they all work for different companies, the key is the contractors, you pay a bit more but you create competition, contractors know they need to perform or they are out. To make up the cost difference the airport charges less for plane storage and car parking thus renting more office and commercial space, how much more, about 13% more they your average airport, in return you have more people on the grounds so you have more venders selling food and other services. Win Win Win.

How does Complete Locksmith Do This?

Our Locksmith service uses the same idea but on a much smaller scale obviously. To do our locksmith service including lock change and emergency locksmith service we use local Atlanta Locksmith contractors who have years of experience and give the highest quality customer service. We work with them on a flat fee per job giving us the option to offer the lowest prices. Any other locksmith service that the customer wants is now the contractors work. Thus giving the contractor the opportunity to gain a loyal customer. Win Win Win.

Complete Locksmith in Atlanta offers fast, reliable and affordable locksmith service. We use a dispatch software and GPS system so whether if you are locked out of your car or in need of a new car key call us and we are ready to assist.