How To Child Proof Sliding Glass Doors

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It is important to remember to child proof the sliding glass doors in your home. Sliding glass doors provide a convenient way to enter and leave the home, allowing for the doors to act simultaneously like a window in the room of your choice. They can provide a brighter option for a room while also allowing for greater outdoor ventilation in the home.

Yet they can be hazardous for children, who frequently see mommy and daddy opening and shutting the door on a regular basis. Naturally, their curiosities are piqued, and it’s not long before they themselves are trying to open and shut the door on their own.

Are Your Sliding Doors Child Proofed?

Playing with these doors can pose a danger to children, who don’t understand the momentum of sliding glass doors as they swing them shut. Fingers, limbs, and even cranial damage can occur if children use these doors in improper ways. Kids can even run into sliding glass doors, not realizing they are shut and shattering the glass in the process, posing more chance for injury. This is why you should always child proof sliding glass doors.

There are several ways to make these doors safer, especially for children. Keeping the door in a locked position is the best way to ensure your kids don’t play games with it. But locks can only do so much — at some point, your children will learn how to undo the lock itself, leading you back to square one on what to do about the sliding glass door. There are many products designed to keep doors shut even if your child unlocks it. One product that can be used is The Patio Door Guardian by Cardinal Gates. It adds a locking mechanism high above your child’s reach, so they cannot open the sliding glass door. This also functions as an extra safety barrier against home break-ins.

You should also make sure that your sliding glass door has the right kind of glass in place. Using tempered glass, for example, is a stronger option, holding up against accidental “run-ins” far better than other types of glass for sliding doors. If the glass does break, tempered glass breaks into smaller, rounder pieces, rather than sharp and pointy pieces that can cause severe cuts.

Another way to prevent injury is to place static cling stickers to the windows. Doing so grants your children a better understanding that the door is closed. They’re also fun to use — your children will likely giggle at the various designs, and seasonal options are available as well for whatever time of year it is.

Child Proof Your Sliding Glass Doors

When your child is old enough, teaching them the proper way to open the door is the best way to keep them from hurting themselves. Creating rules for the sliding glass door will help them understand the proper way to open, and when it’s appropriate to use the door itself. The sliding glass door is not a toy, and when your children come to know that fact they will be less likely to injure themselves from improperly using it.

Sliding glass doors can give your home a special touch, allowing for unique access to your yard and opening up your living quarters to brighter, sunnier days. You shouldn’t have to worry about your child’s health when it comes to your household entryways. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods to prevent injury to your loved ones.