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Do you accept credit cards and debit cards?

Yes, we do!

While our services are on site and at the location where you are this may seem like you need other methods of payment, however we do accept credit cards and debit cards as a form of compensation.

Your needs are important and can come at any minute and we will do everything we can to not only perform the best job and service for you, but to meet your expectations anytime you need us, and part of that is the convenience of allowing you to pay with your credit or debit card.


What is a bump key and what can I do to protect myself from it?

Before we talk about what a bump key is you must first familiarize yourself with a process to gain entry called Key Bumping.

Key bumping allows a person that has a bump key to gain access to any lock, home locks and commercial grade locks, by using a basic key that has been cut a specific way in order to manipulate locks.

A bump will work on all locks that have the same keywave, which means that if a bump key works on a Schlage lock it will also work on Schlage locks with the same amount of pins, or those locks with a lesser number of pins.

By looking at the key image on the right you can see that all the cuts appear to look like jagged teeth. When a person with a bump key applies pressure to the key and taps it for a split second, the top pins which are above the sheer line and the bottom pins which are below it, will allow for the cylinder to turn, thus granting the unwelcome person access through the door.

There are a few simple ways to guard against bump keys, such as:

  • Replace your current locks with high security locks like Medeco, Mul-T-Lock or Schlage Primus. There are other high security locks that are available and your locksmith professional can help you with recommendations and installations.
  • Change your locks from keyed locks to digital or mechanical access control locks. These types of locks provide fantastic security and are easy to recode if the need arises, and in many cases the customer can recode these locks themselves.
  • Consider the installation of an alarm system. While you locks that require keys will still be susceptible to bump keys our experience, as well as research, has shown that a home or business with an alarm installed is less likely to be broken into as the alarm is an effective deterrent to most burglars.


What is a rekey?

Rekeying is more or less exactly what it sounds like, it is the act of taking a lock that currently works with one specific key and reconfiguring it so that it will work with a different key, and that is the new key, called rekeying.

There are many advantages, from security standpoint, to having your locks rekeyed whether you need it for home or business use, such as:

  • When performing a rekey you can add an unlimited amount of locks to your home or office without needing to carry a large amount of keys.
  • Any time you have an employee that is being let go, a roommate or tenant moving out of your home, multi unit investment property or your office building you can have the locks rekeyed as opposed to spending a lot of money for new locks and hardware. You can take away all your worries with changing the locks to work with a new key.
  • One of the best features when you rekey is that you can have one that works with only a few locks and another key that works with every lock, such as various doors or cabinets in your home and different offices, file cabinets, closets and other areas in your business, this is also knows asĀ master rekeying.


What is master rekeying versus key-a-like?

There are many aspects to rekeying that can benefit a home or a business and in the case of Master Rekeying and Key-A-Like it usually applies to commercial needs.

Master Rekeying and Key-A-Like might sound like similar systems, but they are not the same. Many of the customers that call Complete Locksmith will ask us if we can set up their business or home with a master key system when in actuality all they truly want is one key that can open all of their locks, and this is what is known in the world of the locksmith as a Key-A-Like.

When you consider the use of a Key-A-Like you can compare this to your car key in that most model of vehicle are made with a single key that works on all of the locks in your automobile, the doors, the trunk and the engine. Imagine if you were to have the same convenience in your home locks after arriving home, with multiple keys, fumbling through them to open the locks but with a Key-A-Like you can open all of your locks (and those who live in larger cities have many different locks) with one single key. The key can also work for you garages, sheds, closets and any other area of your home and property that requires entrance with a keyed lock. This is a simple and safe process and also allows for less worrying in the case of lost keys. Too many times a large number of keys provide the opportunity for lost keys and one single key on a key chain is easier to keep track of than a lot of them and it also helps with creating less of a hassle when making duplicates and managing your home.

Master keying, on the other hand, enables you to have one key that will work only on the front door and a second key that will work on the front door and your office instead of multiple keys causing confusion.

Master keying, in essence, allows for one single key to control several different locks while allowing for each lock to still have its own separate key. There are many advantages to master rekeying in the workplace such as access control. This type of access control means that you can give employees one key that will permit them to use it on the front door only, or the front door and their office but also restrict access to other areas they are not authorized to enter. Some businesses have checks and cash on hand and it must be kept in a secure area. Many cleaning and maintenance crews have keys to gain access into closets and offices to clean but with master keying they will not be able to enter these areas or any other sensitive area that they or other employees are not supposed to be in. Master keying gives you control over all aspects of access in your company for security and the safety of your offices, monies sensitive information and secure areas.

We have been on many calls for commercial lockouts that could have been avoided with proper organization of lock security and keys. Many emergencies that arise at an office in regards to keys and locks can be avoided by simply having a multi-level set of master keys.

When you have questions about performing a master rekey for your business call us at Complete Locksmith and we will be happy to assist you today by sending over a specialized locksmith technician to show you how we can rekey all of your locks to your specifications!

No matter how many locks you have and no matter how many keys you need, a master rekey will be much less expensive to set up for your home or business than all new locks, hardware and installation and provide you the ease and peace of mind of acess control security that works for you!