Fulton Jail in Atlanta Upgrades Prison Cell Locks

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Taxpayers will be spending 5 million dollars on new locks for Atlanta’s Fulton Jail. Atlanta Locksmith says these locks are more secure, resistant and will notify a central location if they are breached.

Inmates at a local jail are able to open their cell doors whenever they want. They can walk around the hallways, access restricted areas and potentially even find their way out of the prison. Does that sound secure?

Well, that’s what has been happening at an Atlanta jail. Fulton Jail has been dealing with inmates getting out of their cells, walking around the hallways, stealing from other inmates and in some cases even getting into fights with both guards and other inmates.

The problem was “The old lock mechanism was latching to the door instead of the door frame” says Yigal from Complete Locksmith; Inmates would shake the door to the point where the latch would release causing the door to open. This security issues is now being addressed with state of the art electrical locks that are stronger, more secure, and have a higher resistance and tolerance to manipulation. These new security measures also have an added light to show status: green for locked and red means open. Guards can see if the door lock failed without physically testing the door and a central computer monitors all cell locks and notifies guards when there is a breach in security.

These are great new high-security locks and exactly what’s needed in all of our jail systems across America.

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