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Residential lock security for Richmond, VA

Imagine what might happen on the streets of Richmond if we didn’t have any police securing our city. Would your home be a safe place if there are no first responders in case of a break-in? Are your home locks enough to keep burglars and crime out?Charles Patterson, a security expert at Block Lock and Key, says Richmond Locksmithcompanies are going to be very busy for the next few weeks changing locks at people’s homes.

The Federal Government estimates that more than a third of its workers will be forced to stay home following the Government Shutdown this Monday night (October 1st 2013), a number approximating 800,000 of the nation’s 2.1 million federal employees. This shutdown will have the largest impact on civilian departments and defense employees. Paychecks might be delayed and some employees might be told to stay at home for the time being.

Locksmith Tips by Complete Locksmith

To make sure that your family stays safe during these unknown times Complete Locksmith suggests you take a good look at your house locks and make sure that they are all locking, fitting into the door frame and that the door is securely closed. If you have a drop bolt lock make certain that it engages properly.

Don’t ever open the door to strangers. One of the tactics used widely by house thieves is to knock on door and wait to see if anyone answers. If no one is home they look for easy access through unlocked or unsecured doors or open windows. If you open the door to see who has knocked they might talk their way into your home to see if it’s worth coming back at a later time when you are away.

Talk to your family and make sure that they are aware of these safety issues and that they don’t open the door to unknown people. For example, make sure to make a noise letting know that there is someone home. Review with your wife and kids how the locks work and that they are locking all of the doors and windows. You do not want to be an easy target.