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Hacking: A Trend We Didn’t Start

Hacking of technology today has been an increasing issue that we—Americans—seem to be struggling to fix. It has been reported that hackers have exposed more than 110 million peoples’ personal information in the past year alone (Fox44 Baton Rouge).

Most recently, there has been the infamous Target breach that affected 70 million of their customers. Adobe and Snapchat were hacked resulting in 33 million and 4.6 million stolen credit and debit card information, respectively. eBay’s data was breached potentially placing its 148 million customers’ credentials at stake.

Apple is the Latest Hacking Victim

The biggest buzz, though, has been the recent hacks into Apple’s iCloud system. It started in Australia when a string of iPhones and iPads were locked out, displaying messages asking for ransom. Though money seemed to be the aim of the attacks, the real concern is that through these hacks, the owners of said devices are at risk for personal information exposure including bank accounts, emails, and other online accounts. These “attacks” have shaken the US population as well, putting emphasis on password security with our mobile and technological devices. It has been reported that the breach has, in fact, reached the United States now.

Gizmodo recently published an article, “How the iCloud “Hack” Holds iOS Devices Hostage,”  which gives a detailed explanation of the recent attacks, how to prevent it from happening to you, and the breakdown of solutions if you fall a victim to it. It offers a true understanding of how this hacker is working and gives advice on better mobile security.

The pressing question remains: are hackers winning?