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Can A Phone App Control Home Locks?

Smartphones can control most of our house, the thermostat, the lights, the garage door, even washers and dryers. Why not control our locks?

The San Francisco lock company is out to do exactly that. By combining the use of smartphone apps, your home wireless internet and phone Bluetooth the Smart-Lock gives the owner the option to connect with it, providing better home security.

The base station is made of aluminum and is attached to the interior portion of your deadbolt lock. After its connected to your phone via Bluetooth you can simply walk out of the house and the lock will lock itself. Come back in and it locks you in.

Have You Ever Been Locked Out of Your House?

The app offers more features like sending keys to other people or removing keys from those that have them. You won’t need to leave keys under the mat or at a neighbor’s house any more – lending house keys is just a tap away. You can also enable keys to work at specific times and day, say for a dog walker or grocery delivery.

You can see if your locks are locked while away from home and lock them if needed. The company is called August which is for most people the best month of the year.

Complete Locksmith has yet to do business with August but is looking forward to it. Check back frequently to see what special offers we have on this new and exciting lock!