How Fast Can A Locksmith Unlock A Car?

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The first question many people ask when they find themselves in need of a locksmith is, “What is the average time it will take the locksmith to unlock my car?”.

For the most part, a locksmith can open your vehicle with in ten seconds to ten minutes. However this is still far from a perfect world so there is the occasional oddity. Realistically, at any moment even the textbook car lock out scenario could become problematic. Its my opinion that any locksmith who finds it difficult, and takes longer than five minutes to unlock any car besides a Lexus, or a BMW, is providing you with poor service. The majority of Lexus and BMW model vehicles provide enhanced security features exceptional enough to protect against unauthorized entry from car thieves as well as locksmith.

The difficulty with Lexus models happens from the moment a locksmith inserts their tool inside the door, and grabs a hold of the lock button, he has around 4/10ths of a second to turn the button and make the door handle open synchronously. If they’re unable to get it first time around, the car sets a pause, forcing the locksmith to wait around 10 or so minutes before trying again. Since there is such a small fraction of time in the window of opportunity to perform this technique, its not unusual for a locksmith to make multiple attempts before getting a Lexus unlocked.

The process for BMW automotive lockouts is different. BMW’s have a cool little weight trick (newer model Lexus vehicles have similar devices rendering the previous opening pointless to do). for a BMW to be unlocked, their needs to be weight that is equal to a human in the driver’s seat. There are specialty tools made to open BMW’s, tricking that issue, but they are not a sure thing, few locksmiths have them, and even fewer still have yet to master them. If your vehicle isn’t one of the Lexus or BMW models that have these enhanced security measures then I would expect an average of fifteen minutes for an automotive lockout situation.