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picking a lock with a bobby pin

Nearly everyone has probably been in a situation when they have been locked out of their house, car, or some other important location. Of course, this always happens at the most inconvenient time. Having some knowledge about how to pick a lock with a bobby pin might come in handy in some situations. This is a skill that can be learned with a bit of practice and some patience.

Understanding How to Pick a Lock with a Bobby Pin

Although these lock picking techniques can be performed with a single bobby pin, it probably works better if you have two of them, otherwise you will need to cut the one in half. The first thing to do is create something called a torque wrench (modified) by taking one of the pins and folding it in the shape of an L, about 2cm from the bottom.

The next bobby pin (or the other half, if using only one) should be unfolded and left in a straight, flat position. If there is any kind of ball or covering on the end, be sure to remove this before actually inserting it into the lock.

When picking a lock it is also very important to understand the mechanisms involved and exactly how the lock itself works. There are really three main parts involved in the most common pin-and-tumbler type of lock. This includes the hollow outer cylinder, the tumbler (inner cylinder) and a set of pins. Note that each of the pins are varying lengths and each sits in a shaft that runs the entire length of the tumbler and outer cylinder in or to prevent the tumbler from turning (and the lock from opening).

The idea here is that the key, when inserted allows the seam between the top and bottom pins to align properly with the outer cylinder and the tumbler. This then allows the tumbler to turn and the lock to open. In order to pick a lock with a bobby pin, you basically need to move all the pins into position while keeping tension on the lock with a torque wrench at the same time.

Methods to Pick a Lock

There are basically two different options, or methods, used to pick a lock. Both will first require the tension or torque wrench to be first inserted into the bottom of the lock and turned in the same direction as the key would normally.

You could then proceed to move each pin into position one at a time with the straight part of the other bobby pin. This is the more certain method, although it can take some time to pull off depending on how difficult those pins are to manipulate.

The other option is a technique called raking. This is much less precise and may even involve still picking the last of the pins that don’t fall into place so easily. Basically, the raking technique is to insert the pin or pick in the back of the lock and then pull it out quickly, pushing all of the pins up while still applying pressure with the tension wrench.

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