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There are several items a locksmiths uses to perform his or her job everyday. A very big part of the locksmith’s job is to duplicate keys and make copies for any situation that arises or customer that requests it.

The key duplicating machine, also known as the key cutting machine is one of the most used pieces of equipment for any locksmith business.

The key cutting machine makes keys by tracing the pattern of another key concurrently while cutting the originals pattern into a blank key. There are various type of duplicating machines where some can only make one kind of key and other can be used to duplicate a wide selection of them.

The easiest way to explain what the machine does is that a vice holds the key in place and another vice holds the blank key. A key guide, which is like a stylus, moves along the cut of the key and guides the cutter along to make matching cuts into the blank key thus making the duplicate.

In order to provide accurately cut keys the locksmith adjusts the machine on weekly basis to avoid any problems with keys that are incorrectly cut and do not work properly.

If any key does not operate a lock, the locksmith can adjust the stop collar and this will usually remedy the problem.

Some of the many types and models of key cutting machine are the Half Time Key Machine which can cut two flat keys simultaneously.

Some machines work for specific types of keys, such as the Borkey 986, which is designed to cut cylinder keys in a variety of styles such as cross keys and keys without shoulders as is the Ilco Unican Key Machine.

Like the Half Time Key Machine, the Framon Flat Key Machine is used to cut flat keys.

Most keys that are in need of duplication are easily cut and many machines can be used to cut irregular keys, as well, such as the Ford double sided key.

There are also lever operated key cutting machines that allow for finer accuracy that are able to cut a wide variety of cylinder keys.

A locksmith can also use a file to cut a key but for accuracy and speed the key cutting machine is the preferred instrument.

If you’ve ever visited a locksmith shop or in store service center you have undoubtedly seen these machine and are semi familiar with how they work. Key duplicating is a precise job for any type of key in order to ensure that it will operate the lock it has originated from.

With the exception of security keys stamped to tell the locksmith not to duplicate it a locksmith can work with any type of key, no matter if it is keys for your home, safe, business, register, car or truck, boat, padlock or any other lock.

Remember to bring keys in for duplication to have a spare handy in the event of loss and also if they are starting to get dull and not working properly, as the locksmith can cut these duplicates to new like conditions.