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Keyless Entry Locks 101

Keyless entry locks are typically used for higher security purposes in commercial buildings, but are available for residential buildings and cars as well. They are often times used for maintenance workers, access for neighbors, family or friends while you’re away on vacation, and other reasons to allow temporary access to others to your home, office or car. Most keyless entry locks are supported by bump guard protection, and if you receive keyless entry locks from Complete Locksmith, then we also provide a 90 day warranty on all parts and labor.

Benefits of Keyless Entry Locks

  • Lockout solution.
  • Doesn’t matter if you’ve lost keys.
  • No more potential risk by hiding keys around the house (i.e. under mats, above doors, in plant pots, etc.).
  • Allows temporary access to family, friends and handymen when needed.

Some top brand keyless entry locks include:


  • Offers customizable access codes with back-lit keypad for increased visibility.
  • Quick installation and fits standard doors (no screw holes required).
  • Replaces any deadbolt.
  • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. 1 year electronics warranty.


  • Offers customizable access codes with back-lit keypad for increased visibility.
  • Wear-resistant, silicone-coated, back-lit keypad prevents numbers from wearing and better visibility.
  • Biggest bolt available for increased resistance to kick-ins.
  • No wiring required—quick installation.

For any questions, concerns or requests for keyless entry locks installation, please feel free to call Complete Locksmith at (877) 291-5625 where any of our locksmiths would be more than happy to assist you!