Locked Out? We Will Send a Drone

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Complete Locksmith would like to introduce the next step in the evolution of the locksmith business – Drones. We are not kidding.

After careful consideration, we have put plans in place to use drones to help customers who are locked out of cars. Implementation is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2014. Initially, the roll out will be for customers in Phoenix and Tempe, with more cities being added in 2015. Phoenix and Tempe residents might already notice our three drones in the air conducting test flights. While we are still months away from implementation, we could not be more excited about the possibilities to help our customers get back into their cars faster and at a lower price than any of our competitors could ever dream of offering.

We put together a brief visual to give you an idea of how the drone process will work for customers locked out of cars and there are some FAQs below. If you have specific questions, you can email locksmithdrone@gmail.com.


Why are you doing this?

Drones allow Complete Locksmith to offer an unrivaled level of service to our customers. We will be able to arrive on the scene faster and lower the amount it costs customers for locksmith services. Together those two items made us think this was a worthwhile endeavor. And, it’s really cool.

Is it legal to use commercial drones?

Yes. A March 2014 court decision has paved the way for commercial drone usage in America.

Won’t the drones crash into things?

Each drone uses GPS and state of the art software to avoid buildings, trees, power lines, and all other objects. We are conducting extensive testing to avoid any and all potential problems.

Will there be noise from all the drones flying around?

The drones will normally be high enough in the air that you will not notice any noise. There will be a tiny bit of noise when they hover towards the ground, but it will quickly fly off to another location within a minute.

Can I participate in the testing process?

If you live in the Phoenix/Tempe area and would like to help with drone test runs, you can email locksmithdrone@gmail.com.

When will the locksmith drone service go live?

We do not have a concrete date yet, but if testing continues to go well, we hope to have the service launched in Phoenix and Tempe by the end of 2014.


Visual explaining locksmith drone process.