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Denny bike winner of The Bike Design Project

For all you bike riders out there, a new entry on the market not only eliminates the need for a separate lock, it just may be the ultimate bike of the future. You will also never need to shift gears or even pedal up hills. The new Denny bike was built by the Teague team of bicycle designers for the Oregon Manifest bike design project. They have really done a bang-up job on this. Think of it as ‘smart’ bike, capable of pretty much doing everything and anything you need it to do.

Please don’t let the basic look of the Denny bike fool you. There is a ton of technology inside this minimal bike design. Although pedaling up hills is a great way to get your exercise and pump those leg muscles, this bike has an electric motor connected to the front hub. There is even a removable battery. Engage this, and it runs almost like a motor bike. No more hard pedaling up those big hills. San Francisco anyone?

No Need to Bring a Bike Lock

For those who are tired of always needing to carry an extra bike lock around. The handle bars themselves actually detach from the bike. This makes it possible to secure the frame and back wheel. Or they can be simply and easily rearranged in order to form a handle bar locking system. You can now take this bike anywhere and the locking mechanism is already with you, in the form of the bike itself. Bike riders enjoy freedom and this gives them one less thing to worry about before doing on rides.

There is also some computer technology added to the Denny bike. The automatic shifter is able to automatically adjust to the ride conditions. This is great if you are going over varied terrain, and the creators claim it makes for a ‘hassle-free riding experience.’ There is also no fender, but a basic piece with rubber bristles designed to help break up the water.

The bike is also designed to help ensure the safety of the rider. These extra features include daytime running lights, turn signals and brake lights (those last two are both activated by bumping the brake handles.

Could The Denny Bike Become Reality?

That is the main question. The short answer is yes, it could. There is also the possibility that it could see new or added life as a crowdfunded project. This Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project has seen several prior champions take this route.

The whole idea of this bike is to make it accessible. Being able to have a bike which doesn’t require the need to carry around any type of lock is really nice. Simply disconnect the handle bars and then reconfigure them in whatever way is most convenient for you, given the situation. All of the additional technology also makes this exactly the type of bike that more and more people could really see themselves riding and using.