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Quick Tips to Change Locks – Residential Locksmith Solutions

Many people don’t know when or if to change locks on their homes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how worn a lock is, or if your house is truly protected. Complete Locksmith has come up with a guide to change locks services to help you decide what is best for you!

When to Change Locks:

  • New house – most houses will have already installed new locks from previous homeowners to ensure your house is properly secured. If you’re unsure or want to change locks under your own supervision, Complete Locksmith can assist you.
  • Apartment – again, most apartment complexes will at least rekey locks for new tenants. However, sometimes older apartment complexes have old, worn locks that can be difficult to open. This could be a good example of a time to change locks.
  • Older house – if you’re moving into an older home, sometimes its locks can be outdated. Change locks can provide you with a better sense of a properly secured home with update door locks.
  • Worn locks – all locks go through basic wear and tear throughout the years. If you’re unsure about the state of your locks, call Complete Locksmith where they can assess your locks.
  • Change of roommates – many will resort to just rekey locks when there is a change of roommate to save a few bucks. But if you feel more comfortable, change locks can be a solution at a still affordable price.

Things to Consider When Changing Locks:

  • Brand of Locks – there are several brands of residential locks. Most locksmiths carry the top brands to ensure your safety and security. But researching your brand options and their reliability is always encouraged. Kwikset, Medeco and Schlage are some of the most commonly used and highly ranked residential lock brands.
  • Type of Locks – just like with brands, there are several types of residential locks such as deadbolt, keyless entry locks, rim/mortise locks, and many more.

*Rekey locks is an alternative method that is typically used for apartments, roommate changes and new homes. This is because it is more cost efficient and a simpler solution than change locks services.

Further Residential Locksmith Assistance – Complete Locksmith

If you’re still having trouble deciding or unsure about your house locks, don’t hesitate to call Complete Locksmith today at (877) 291-5625, where any of our technicians would be happy to assist you!