Should I Change Locks or Rekey Locks?

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After moving into a house, business, or apartment, some people start to wonder about the safety of their door locks. Although most places will claim they changed the locks or had them rekeyed, you never know for sure. Is is possible there are people walking around with old keys that still work on your door locks? When most customers call us at Complete Locksmith, they usually say they want to change locks. When we find out the details of the situation, it is actually better for the customer to rekey locks, which saves them money and still provides the security they desire.

In today’s economy, who has money to burn? Therefore, if there is a more affordable option, you should consider it. Changing locks is a much more expensive process compared to if you rekey locks. It will also require a lot more in terms of assembly and installation. For most of us less handy folks it will also mean the added expense of hiring a locksmith or someone to actually take out the old locks and put in the new ones.

The difference in price is striking. Even if you still hire a local locksmith to come out and do this, they are going to spend much less time and charge a lot less money. Replacing the entire lock is really more of an old school way to do things as well.

How Does a Locksmith Rekey Locks?

The process of rekeying a lock is fast. In fact, you can probably find pretty decent descriptions of how to actually do this online in just six or seven steps / lines. Our locksmiths can quickly complete the rekeying process.

Essentially, rekeying a lock is the process of changing or replacing the tumblers on a lock cylinder with ones of different sizes. Once this is done, the old key will no longer work. Therefore, anyone who has been given keys in the past (employees, tenants, etc) will no longer be able to have access to the property. Just make sure the lock has an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Grade 1 designation.

In many cases, such as a business or property owner, having a single master key that will open all your properties is a tremendous blessing. Of course, the individuals who have access to each particular location will have keys that only access that single property. Rekeying offers property owners this convenience. In fact, a local locksmith can re-key an unlimited number of locks to all work with the same key. This process can be done to fit almost any desired configuration.

Reasons to Change Locks

There are several occasions when changing a lock might be considered. However, such times are pretty rare. Perhaps if you have just moved into a new place and don’t like the existing model or if the lock is very old and is not physically capable of accommodating a modern rekeying process. Another good reason to consider changing the lock instead of rekey locks would be if the lock is damaged or of low quality. In these cases, you would probably be better off with changing your door locks.

The right decision is almost always to rekey locks rather than change locks. This will save you a lot of time and money. And, the best part is you still get the security and peace of mind to go along with it.