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Modern Technology Evolution

Game Boy just celebrated its 25th Birthday on April 21st, 2014. Back in the day, the Game Boy was “trending,” and if you didn’t have one, you weren’t “cool.” Over the years, the Game Boy has evolved into Nintendo DS. There are other gaming systems that even Nintendo 64 has evolved into, such as most recently, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and the Wii. Technology is no newcomer to constant change and evolution. We’ve seen it across the web, social media platforms, software and mobile. From Myspace to Facebook, Internet Explorer to Firefox to Google Chrome, Flickr to Tumblr to Instagram, and other new technology such as Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, etc.

In modern technology, we’re accustomed to Google Hangouts and FaceTiming, posting things via Vine, Instagram and other social media outlets, Google Glass, smart phones…almost anything can be accessed or controlled through smart phones. You have security systems, car starters, and other safety and modern trends through smart phones. You have baby monitors used as home security systems. You name it, technology has probably influenced some sort of change to it.

Hot New Technology Today

  • Mobile Apps – Reduce Crime in Communities

Dallas, TX has a mobile app called iWatch where the community can report crimes or sent tips anonymously through text, email or phone call.  Seattle, WA has also developed its own mobile app called React Mobile for which users can report crime or an SOS alert system that allows users to be tracked/coordinated through GPS. With many smartphone owners being Apple customers, they have access to an app called Find My iPhone. In an incredible residential burglary in San Jose, CA, the victim used this app to locate the stolen item. The culprit was arrested and the victim’s property returned.

On a broader spectrum, Apple has been working to develop a safety feature app for drivers to address the heightened issue of texting and driving. It is supposed to create a hands-free environment for less chance of distraction, but is also looking to expand a “lock out” feature to ensure the “no texting while driving,” issue at hand.

  • Social Network Specific to Select Community

San Francisco, CA has created its own social media network called BlueLine, which is specifically for its law enforcement agents to connect with other law enforcement agents. It has created more efficient and effective lines of communication within the branches of police, fire and other law enforcement agencies within communities that have also incorporated the BlueLine network.

  • “Smart Locks”

Mesa, AZ was recently introduced to smart locks, with plenty variations of features suited to fit each unique home and lifestyle of Mesa residents. Being the “Murder Capital of America,” Chicago, IL also introduced a residential locksmith technology called Calypso Key, which is ultimately a new take on keyless entry locks and incorporating smartphones.