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One time is too many times when you have locked yourself out of your vehicle or house. This issue becomes worst if you are headed to an important date or have ice cream thawing in the hot weather. If your child has locked his or herself inside the vehicle, time is of the essence. If the keys are locked in the trunk or the vehicle or even if the keys are lost, our expert technicians can get you back on schedule in no time. If you live in Camarillo, Carpinteria, Fillmore, Moorpark, Oak View​, Ojai, Naval Air Station Point Mugu​, Port Hueneme, Naval Construction Battalion Center, Santa Paula, Somis, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Simi Valley, call (805) 804-7687 for all of your locksmith needs.



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Local Lockout Services

Are your keys locked inside the automobile or trunk? It is a hassle when the keys are lost or locked inside the vehicle. We can restore your life schedule by providing fast and efficient locksmith service. 

Vehicle lockouts are common and happen to everyone at the worst possible moments. Proximity keys and other high-tech keys are fabulous for the security and convenience they provide over other more traditional keys. However, these types of keys are easily lost and can be extremely expensive to replace with a dealership. 

Our professionals are trained and have the most up-to-date equipment to allow them to create and cut a new key at the location of the vehicle regardless of the brand of lock. We can even guarantee that the only key that will work in the door lock or ignition of the vehicle is the new one. This process ensures your old key does not work.

Keys Locked In Vehicle

Standard Keys

These types of keys are common in older vehicles. They are very similar to a regular house key. 

Transponder Keys

These keys are a standard key with a sensor that only your ignition can recognize. 

Lazer Cut Keys

This type of key has an intricate pattern lazered into it which is unique to your ignition. 

Switchblade Keys

These keys are used for keyless entry. It has a key that pops out like a switchblade for the ignition. 

Smart Proximity Keys

These keys are the most recently made keys. They will typically lock and unlock the doors automatically. The vehicle is generally started by pushing a button. 

Regardless of the type of keys your vehicle uses, Complete Locksmith can help you retrieve them when they are locked in the vehicle or lost. Our technicians will ensure a quick and hassle-free interaction. 


Keys Locked In Trunk

When the keys are locked inside the cabin of the vehicle, our experts easily gain entry by unlocking one of the doors. We have sophisticated tools which we can use to open the doors without causing any damage to any of the components. We also have the correct tools to get into the vehicle regardless of the type of security system. However, if the keys are locked in the trunk of the vehicle, it is harder to pick a trunk lock. When our technicians are dealing with trunk lockouts, they use extreme care. A vehicle trunk usually is on a different system that the door locks which mean the security system will lock it down if it thinks the automobile is being burglarized. This feature requires our technicians to avoid the trunk lock. Instead, our expert will get into the cabin of the vehicle and then access the trunk from within the cabin.

Other Common Lockout Problems

A multitude of other reasons can cause a lockout situation. Locks and ignitions wear out over time, and use is an example one reason. Some other reasons include: • Keys left in the ignition • Lost set of keys • Stolen set of keys • Key breaks in the ignition • Key breaks in one of the door or trunk locks • Key is bent • Lock is malfunctioning When a vehicle is newer, the key, lock, and security system are much more complicated. The alarm system can be sensitive which may not only cause the high-pitched noise, but it can also shut down the electronic system. This fact means you should never try to unlock a locked vehicle, so call (805)804-7687 for the professional help you need. We have the equipment and desire necessary to unlock a locked vehicle without causing damage or setting off the security system.

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House Lockouts

At Complete Locksmith, we can also handle a house lockout with the same expertise and updated equipment as we manage a vehicle lockout. We have the specialized tools to unlock your door without damaging it or causing the alarm in the house to be triggered. 

If your house keys have been misplaced, damaged, or stolen, our technicians will rekey or replace all exterior locks to ensure your family is safe. After you call (805) 804-7687, our friendly technician will arrive within 15 to 30 minutes and can usually unlock your doors within a few minutes after arrival. 

If you reside in Northern California, you should give us a call today for all of your locksmithing needs. Besides lockout services, we provide file cabinet lock, safe, office, and a variety of other locksmith services. When you find yourself locked out, our experts at Complete Locksmith are standing by to help you get back to your regular schedule quickly and efficiently.

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