When it comes to house security, there is no substitute. When in the privacy of your space, you never want to feel insecure about your security. Complete Locksmith gives you the peace of mind you deserve in your room but ensuring the house is secure. The house is secure whether you are there or gone. We provide top quality products with the best customer service available in the Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Manteca, Modesto, Galt, Lathrop, and Lockeford areas. 

We continually update our hardware selections while carrying every make and model of lock. We also can cut almost every key imaginable. Our technicians are trained and licensed with experts in home security and home security systems. We can cover all of your security needs from designing it to building it. Our residential service crew can give quick solutions to all your hardware issues. 

Your most prized possession is your house, so let Complete Locksmith help you protect it. You can be confident that you have the best quality security hardware. Our technicians will always ensure your doors and windows remain secure protecting your most important possessions. 

Needs for Security

Even the best neighborhoods can be targeted by burglars. When a burglar is scouting out a house, he or she is looking for the easiest homes to break into. This fact means he or she is typically avoiding the homes with excellent security systems. If you upgrade your security system, it will provide an extra layer of protection that helps meet today’s security needs. 

Needs for Moving

When you move into a new property, your chances of being burglarized more than double. Rental properties are the worst for this phenomenon because more people have access to the keys besides the landlord and current tenant. When the old tenant moves out, the keys are not always returned to the landlord, and typically, the landlord or new tenant never gives it a thought. This fact is why the chances of you being burglarized within the first year of moving are doubled. 

If you move into a new house without changing the locks, some insurance companies will void your insurance policy if the house is burglarized. Complete Locksmith can easily change or rekey all of the locks and make your home secure again. 

Rekey or Change Locks

When a lock is rekeyed, the pins inside the lock are changed. This change makes any old keys unusable, and only the new keys will fit the rekeyed lock. With this ability, rekeying a lock is much faster and much more affordable solution when you move than changing all of the locks in the house. If the locks are to be changed, the entire lock hardware is replaced. Complete Locksmith’s expert technicians can assess whether the lock needs to be rekeyed or changed. Our experts will always recommend the most cost-effective solution for the current situation.

Residential Rekey

If you move into a new house, you should be worried that the previous tenant still has keys. Sometimes the keys are lost or stolen before you move in, also. Complete Locksmith can offer you a residential lock rekeying service which is a fast and affordable solution to these issues. Our locksmiths can come to your house and rekey the entire system without removing the hardware. They will also provide you will a new set of keys before they leave the premises. Once the new keys have been issued, the old keys will no longer work. If you need or want, our locksmiths can create a master key to unlock all the locks with the same key.

Types for Rekey

At Complete Locksmith at 209 362-3799, we can rekey almost all residential locking systems including those from major brands and manufacturers. We can rekey a mailbox, file cabinet lock, safe, and a variety of other locking systems. Our experts are trained for a variety of locks including: • Deadbolts • Mortise Locks • Knob Locks • Lever Locks • Cabinet Locks

Rekey to Master Key System

Complete Locksmith offers master rekeying systems for house and business clients. The master key system provides you with a single ‘master’ key that can access every door. You can also have keys created to fit individual doors. Homeowners find master rekeying an excellent choice when they are renting out rooms or apartments in the house. It is also convenient to have one key to open both the front and back doors. Call 209 362-3799 to find out more about a master key system.

Residential Replace or Repair

If a lock is broken or worn out, you can be locked out of your home. This worn out lock can also make the home an easy target for a burglar. Sometimes, interior doors also become worn and faulty. Complete Locksmith can handle interior and exterior doors. Key replacement cannot always be done for broken keys which would require you to change the locks

Why Replace

Why Replace Many times people want to rekey the locks to save money, but you may need to replace if: • The lock is worn out, rusty, or damaged. • The lock is hard to open with the correct key. • The lock is damaged from an attempted break-in. • You want to upgrade to smart electronic locks. Brands for Replace We have a variety of brands available for replacement. Some of these brands include Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Yale, Schlage, Kwikset, Arrow, and many more.

Why Complete Locksmith?

Complete Locksmith serves the Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Manteca, Modesto, Galt, Lathrop, and Lockeford areas. We provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our technicians are insured and licensed and can handle any locksmithing needs. When you call 209 362-3799, we guarantee the highest level of service and value. When you need a 24 hour locksmith, we are available. If you need a local locksmith, we are there. We can repair, rekey, or replace a variety of lock hardware and brands, so don’t hesitate to call us today for a quick unlock, replacement, or rekey. 

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